About Max

Dr. Max Evans is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Studies at McGill University in Montréal and an associated researcher at the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI).

Max’s research interests include:
★ Information and knowledge management
★ Knowledge sharing (human, social and technological enablers)
★ Trust (interpersonal and organizational)
★ Knowledge continuity management
★ Management of technological innovation
★ Human information interaction (HII), an emerging domain that seeks to systematically study how people interact with, relate to and process data, information, and knowledge

Prior to coming to McGill University, Max completed his PhD in Information Studies at the Faculty of InformationUniversity of Toronto, focusing on human related factors in knowledge management. His work examined motivators and inhibitors of organizational knowledge sharing, specifically exploring the influence trust and other social and cognitive factors (e.g. shared language, shared vision, homophily, tie strength, etc.) had on knowledge sharing among knowledge workers. Max’s doctoral work was supervised by Professor Chun Wei Choo and Professor Anthony Wensley.

Max achieved his Masters of Information Studies (in Information Systems) at the University of Toronto (Faculty of Information) and is a Masters and Doctoral graduate of the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) collaborative program. Max also holds a Bachelors of Science in International Marketing (minor in philosophy) from Northern Illinois University’s Business School.

Prior to pursuing a post-secondary education, Max worked in a number of professional areas including finance (investor relations), marketing, strategic management (business and technology), operations, and technology deployment. His clients ranged from start up companies to top Fortune 100 organizations. Max’s professional experience includes project management, strategy consulting, operations analysis, business process reengineering, and information systems analysis, architecture and design. Max has been a participant and manager in projects involving the design, development, and implementation of small and large-scale enterprise information systems and technologies.

Max has been active in academia over the last nine years, designing and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Toronto in strategic management, innovation, business process reengineering, technology management, information system analysis and design, information architecture, and decision-making.

Max is presently working with the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre (along with other researchers, students, artists, and designers) to build a visual display (exhibit) of his research findings. In developing the visual display, data will be collected and analyzed to explore how the concept of knowledge is understood and represented through visual and textual abstraction. The ultimate goal of the exhibit is to teach visitors about knowledge sharing, trust, and the significant relationships between them. The exhibit is scheduled to run from October to December 2014.